the best thing i ever ate

Have you guys ever watched this show? I love it because it features people who really know food and the best of a certain category (guilty pleasure, with your hands, classics, meat, etc) that they've ever eaten. It's great because sometimes they'll showcase food around where you live, and then you can go try for yourself! (They also have a blog that goes through some behind-the-scenes action and what episodes they're working on.)

One of the places listed was Dynamo Donuts. Now I recently saw another spotlight for this place in Bon Appetit magazine, so this doubled my curiosity. Apparently their maple glazed apple bacon donut is to die for. We'll see, because I want to go try, and I'll most likely drag N and this girl with me. I mean, really, who could resist fried dough? Not I. (Though I have a feeling Justine and N probably could...)

Sadly, my tv decided to off Food Network, so I don't think I'll be seeing more of this show. I know, heartbreaking, but if you have Food Network and want a tv buddy, I'm available! I'm just kidding...I think.

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