taiwan madness: noodle soups

Everytime I go to Taiwan there are a whole lot of delicious noodle soups. Their soup base is so much better than ones that I normally eat here at the states.

At every department store, I guarantee you that there is a Sugakiya and I always have to eat it at least once. It's not the best ramen out there, but it's alright and since its tradition, I eat it.
So this next noodle soup is ... I have forgotten. Haha. The noodles are not your normal noodles but like they're...man I can't even describe it. Maybe m can help me on this. This was yummy, the broth wasn't too heavy and I do love fish balls.
Of course, there's no going to Taiwan and not eating ็‰›่‚‰้บต (beef noodle soup). Supposedly this was the best place to eat and yes it was delicious. Haha, but they kinda all taste the same...

More ramen. This was super garlic-y and salty. My grandma was so funny and complained that it was too salty and asked for clear soup to make it less salty. I am over it. I am over ramen. Too much in Taiwan, I will die.
The thing about noodle soups in Taiwan is that the soup base is soooooo good and not msg filled. Mm yum.

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m said...

AHHHH I am so jealousssss. Actually I have no what that soup is or what you're trying to describe. All I know is, it looks delicious.

I want noodles. No wonder you didn't want noodles at Q Noodle!!