taiwan madness: donuts galore!

Yes we are like little piggys (including Willie who isn't in the picture). Taiwan is going crazy with opening up Baskin Robbins, Coldstones, and Dunkin' Donuts. Meh, we've tried it before in the states and it's whatevs and why eat something I can get here? But then...this new donut...or maybe not new, but I've never had it before is this mochi donut...and its freaking delicious. Either Austin or Brian told us to try this and so we saw a Dunkin' Donuts and bought some.
Dang. It's soooo good. Something about the texture of the donut is not really a typical donut, but the qq-ness of it was just amazing. We got the mocha mochi donut, which I thought was the best.
So at first, each of us were just getting one, but they had the deal buy 5 for 100NT so what the heck, let's get 5. We got this lemon green tea one, which was pretty good too surprisingly.
Okay, it may seem like Connie was eating it all...but no. We all ate like 3 bites of each. The next one we got was their corn flake chocolate crunch one. This one was alright.
The other two, Willie got this cinnamon roll thing which was not very good (as he said) and Connie got this heart shaped one filled with chocolate filling which as alright. We regretted soooo badly not getting 5 mochi donuts.

Each day that passed, we kept craving these delicious donuts, so on our last day, right before going to the airport, we got our donuts. This time from Mister Donut which is a Taiwanese store and is like the place to eat donuts. I actually thought the Dunkin' Donuts ones were better, but at least before leaving back home, we got our donuts.

We are happy, donut-filled people.

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