N, I am so, so jealous of your trip. I really want a donut now. A mochi donut. Maybe more than one. Probably 5. Or 10.

So, in my jealous rage, I will post about Ici, because I know you love it. Yes, I am shameless. Yes, I also know you will be back here soon and this post will mean nothing! Please, just let me have my moment of insanity.

The Bay Area is notorious for spawning restaurants out of Alice Waters (creator of Chez Panisse), who is often credited for the sustainable, green, organic movement in New American cuisine/restaurants. Now, I don't know much about that--it makes for simple dishes with fresh ingredients, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. Ici is an ice cream shop, created by a pastry chef who worked for Waters, with these same principles. Good ingredients, but you pay for it.

Nevertheless, the ice cream there is (at times) creative and delicious. Their flavors include classics like vanilla and chocolate, but they often experiment with other pairings, such as chicory coffee, earl grey, candied walnut, cilantro-lime (don't ask!)...

I got a scoop of candied Meyer lemon with a scoop of chicory coffee (the strangest pairing, both are delicious on its own, but I wouldn't get them together again) on top of their famous cone with a chocolate bottom. Dan got a caramel something or other with apricot? I totally forgot, but those were interesting too.

The lines are atrocious, always, and the flavors, which change daily, are hit-or-miss, but on a hit day, it's so worth it. They're really nice people--you can try all the flavors you want before making your decision!

Ici Ice Cream
2948 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705


woojust said...

o my gosh those scoops and cones look humongous!

Jess said...

what a fatty picture! hahah.

but you named TWO of my favorite flavors!! *drool*