taiwan madness: most delicious thing you'll ever eat

This was by far my favorite thing to eat in Taiwan. No joke. I would go back again and again just to eat it.

I really really love to eat yam and taro balls. They're just so chewy and qq. MMM just thinking about it is making my mouth water.

So my grandma and cousins took us to this place, 鮮芋仙 and holy moly...I was... yeah. SO GOOD! The store specializes in the taro and yam balls (芋圓 & 地瓜圓). They have tofu pudding (豆花), grass jelly (仙草), and drinks with boba and stuff. All my favorite things in one store.

So I got 芋圓豆花冰. The soup was the sweet syrup, but not really syrup... but it was very yummy.
This one is the 超牌杏仁冰, which is newest specialty with almond tofu (杏仁豆腐, my all time favorite), the yam and taro balls and red bean. The ice was almond flavored too! Super super good and it wasn't because I am in love with almond, but yes. Very yummy.
This one was their special, 鮮芋仙招牌. This was grass jelly (仙草) with grass jelly flavored ice and yam and taro balls topped with 鮮奶油 which is kinda like creamer. Soooo good.
I miss it. I miss this deliciousness. Go, if you go to Taiwan. It's a chain, you'll find it...at least in Taipei and Kaohsiung. It's so good.


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m said...

Is this new?! How come we never went before?! I'm so sad. Hahahaha. LOVE taro balls. Mmmm...