My Love Affair with Jam

I have a confession. I love Jam. Granted, this is a new found love, but all I've had on my mind for the past few days is Jam. Eating jam, researching jam, making jam, tasting new jam, thinking a wonderful flavor combinations for different jams, wondering how many different ways I could eat jam. And it is all because of this simple little jar of blenheim apricot jam from We Love Jam:

Up until last weekend, I've never bought any kind of jam other than Smucker's strawberry. It's relatively cheap and the stuff I grew up on; why would I ever need anything else? And why would I ever want to spend more than $4 on a jar of jam?

Three words: Dorie Greenspan's Jammers (but that's a post for another day).

In any case, We Love Jam's blenheim apricot jam is simply sublime. It has the most intense, perfectly sweet apricot flavor without any artificial flavors, a silky smooth texture, and is perfect for just about anything - toast, cookies, croissants, crackers, and pretty much anything you'd ever want to put jam on. From the first moment I tasted it, I was totally and completely in love and I wanted to eat it by the spoonful. This jam is so undeniably superior to any other store bought jam I've ever had, I cannot imagine ever going back to that other stuff. And now, I am quivering in anticipation just hoping that I will also get to taste their mariposa plum and feijoa sometime soon. My heart is already melting. :D

Do you have any favorite jams? Are there any other ones I should try and fall in love with as well?

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