half & half teahouse

I heart boba. Like really like it. And I'm a boba snob, as people say it...but I'm not that bad!!!

I first tried Half & Half Tea House in San Gabriel during Hunt and Eileen's wedding. I am a die hard Ten Ren's fan, but this place was comparable! I've always wanted to go back but it's soooo far from my house and since there's a Ten Ren's right next to my house, there was no reason to venture out. BUT, they opened a Half & Half Tea Express in Rowland Heights! So I went and tried.
Look at that, it's humongous. Actually it was different than what I remembered but I think they're using the trend in Taiwan and their 胖胖杯. It is quite fat and this was the smaller size.
Comparison in size to the drink from Phoenix, it's ridiculous. I always get green milk tea with boba. It's good, not too sweet, tastes of tea and the boba was the right q consistency. Go check it out!

17575 Colima Rd
Ste C
City of Industry, CA 91748

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Jess said...

oh what the -- another half and half? crazyy!