tea and crumpets!

For my friends birthday, she had a tea and crumpet and Pride and Prejudice party. Why, what are tea and crumpets? I had no idea... Haha, nevertheless what a perfect opportunity to bake! For some reason I had this idea that crumpets were small cute dessert things and I've been dying for another opportunity to use my mini muffin tins. So I made bakewell tarts...or the closest I could get them.

I actually forgot which site I got the recipe from...but I kinda adapted from several. Also a big difference was that I used puff pastry instead of making my own dough. Yes lazyness also wins...plus I had some in the fridge.

So I didn't know what to put it in...I think normally they have fruity things so I made blueberry jam. I basically heated up brown sugar and when it was mostly melted, I dumped my thawed blueberries in. I cooked that until the blueberries were almost no more and it was thick. Half of the tarts had blueberry and the other half had nutella. I topped the ones with nutella with sliced almonds. I forgot to take pictures of the process once again... but I took pictures of the results.

Nutella filled tart.
Inside nutella filled tart
Inside blueberry jam filled tart

My little platter of goodies :)

To end, in the words of Mr. Darcy: I love you....most ardently. [only for Tammaymay]


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