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I mentioned Crixa Cakes in my post about Masse's Pastries, but aside from being bakeries, the two are quite different in terms of the types of cakes they churn out. Crixa is a Hungarian bakery, and their baked goods have a type of home, country feel to them, especially when compared to Masse's sophisticated and refined pastries. Even the decor of the two is quite opposite; Crixa's is dimly lit, with wooden furniture while Masse's is bright and furnished more modernly.

In terms of menu, they also serve savory Hungarian and Russian goods, like pirogs and zagoras. But today's post is about cake.

(From top to bottom)

Tiramisu: a bit too rummy for me, but the cake was moist and crumbly, and the cocoa powder added a nice taste.

Amaretti: by far, their best cake. Seriously. It's a vanilla sponge cake with hazelnut liquor, but what really sells it is the marscapone cream. Mmmm. Some alcohol overtones, but not too much.
Rigo Jancsi: It's a chocolate sponge cake with a layer of mousse in the middle, and a great story behind it! But this was my least favorite of the three; I think Masse's handles mousse much better.

(Yes that is Korean tea in the back. Korean corn tea I believe.)

(From left to right)

Amaretti again.

Carmella: This is a chocolate chiffon cake with lots of cream and caramel. Too sweet for me.

Lemon Cream Cake: I got this because I thought it would be similar to the Amaretti cake, but unfortunately, the added lemon flavor to the marscapone didn't really work for me...

I've also tired their more homey cakes, like the apple cake (so delicious!) and the pave vergiate, a flourless chocolate cake (which I would skip actually). Overall, it's a cute, rustic bakery--definite must visit!

Crixa Cakes
2748 Adeline Street
Berkeley, CA 94703

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