bacon bar

This girl, like everyone else who knows me, knows that I love bacon. It's really too bad that I have high cholesterol--not that it stops me from eating bacon (even when it's tempura'd! N will tell you all about that experience).

So imagine my delight when she hands this to me one day:

Is that what you think it is? Why yes, it's a bacon chocolate bar.

Vosges concocts all sorts of exotic chocolate bars, specializing in self-titled "haut-chocolate." (There was one chocolate bar that boasted wasabi that we considered buying for this guy, but we thought better of it.)

The bacon bar works only because people like savory and sweet. I mean, salted caramels (salted caramel ice cream! mmmm), sea salt and chocolate and a dash of oil on bread, this is what's in, in the sweets world. Otherwise, the bacon bar doesn't really have much bacon taste...it's just salty. And maybe that's for the better.

We were excited to see an actual Vosges store in Cesar's Palace at Vegas, and we walked in and sampled caramel barks and truffles--all very good. They even had ice cream! We weren't buying anything, so I felt bad about sampling things, but if you get the chance, definitely stop by and treat yourself to their chocolate.

They also keep a really interesting blog called Peace Love and Chocolate, where they put chocolate on all sorts of things!

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Patrick and Katrina Foster said...

that sounds amaaaazing! i am so going to have to seek that out!