san diego adventures and my mama's birthday part 1

For our mom's 50th birthday, N and I flew down to LA from the Bay Area to surprise her. My dad drove us to San Diego for a weekend filled with beach! Fun! And most importantly, food. This topic will take several installments, so I will start with the birthday dinner. N and I yelped and found a French cafe called Cafe Bleu. We went because it got good reviews, but more importantly, they had a coupon for a 3 course prix fixe meal with choices for only $15.99. What a good deal!

Alright onto the important stuff, what we had:

Ahhh yes, the quintessential mussel dish. And they did not disappoint. Delicious, delicious broth to sop up with crusty bread, juicy, succelent mussels...mmmm.

Now this was...a bit strange. It was a trio of...something. As you can tell, not memorable. But not bad either. Some kind of ceviche maybe? And bruschetta?

My mommy got the coq au vin, which is a French chicken dish cooked in wine and other good stuff until the meat just falls off the bones. Accompanied with a delicious potato gratin. Mmm.

I got a pork loin chop with a delicious mango chutney and demi glaze. My mom actually liked this better than hers, I think because of the subtle sweetness of the sauce. And the fact that it was pork. No Taiwanese person can resist pork. Trust me.

Mine also came with a gazpacho, which is a chilled tomato based soup. It was...not good. Enough said. Too strong of an herb taste, but not salty enough...and chilled soup? Ugh. I thought I would try, but never again.

My dad got the salmon. It was also just okay, nothing really stood out about it. At least it was good.

Oh, but then his came with a french onion soup that was just divine. The cheese was melty and gooey, and the soup was deeply beefy and flavorful...So, so good.

N got the scallops, also a letdown, simply because it didn't stand out. I mean, how can you mess up bacon and scallops? You can't! but that means it's hard to make it good. Should've gotten the Bouillabaise.

Overall, it was a wonderful meal, nice ambience, good service (everyone had a French accent! Super quaint). I would stop by if you get the chance to go to SD.

Cafe Bleu
807 Washington St.
San Diego, CA 92103

Next up, dessert in San Diego!

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