taiwan madness: airplane food

I apologize for neglecting to post. But I have come back bearing many food adventures from Taiwan!

Of course we cannot go to Taiwan without going on the airplane so...you guys all get to see what digustingness we ate on our flight there and back. Actually, I didn't really eat. The smell of food on the plane makes me want to throw up. Luckily, I'm getting better and better at controlling my reflexes. Haha, okay you didn't need to know that...

Flight there:
Dinner: Chicken and mashed potatoes:

Breakfast: Eggs and sausage


Flight back:

Dinner: Pork and cabbage

Or chicken and spaghetti...

Breakfast: porridge

Mmm, didn't that seem delicious?! You guys really missed out.

I really hate airplanes and flying.

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m said...

Mmm, you know you love it!