noodle theory

Isn't that a great name? The tiny store itself is just as cute. Floor length windows, a bar seating area overlooking the kitchen, and outdoor seating. They specialize in, of course, noodles with a fusion twist. They combine different Asian flavors and concepts to create their dishes.

The first time we went, we got the dishes recommended by yelp, the Grilled Niman Ranch Spicy Loin of Pork Ramen in a Peanut Lime Cilantro Broth (11), and the Grilled Niman Ranch Beef Udon in a Coconut Lime Curry Broth (12). Neither disappointed. This time, we got Grilled Portobello Mushroom over Spinach Noodles in a Vegetarian Miso Broth with White Truffle Oil (13) and the special, which was a Korean short rib chow mein.

This is the spinach noodle dish--the noodles were slippery, delicate, and thin, but I think I prefer noodles with a bit more bite and chew. So that's my fault, but the broth was fragrant and the mushrooms seasoned beautifully.

This is the Korean chow mein. I liked the beef; it was fatty and flavored really well, but the noodles seriously resembled American chow mein, so I disliked that. Also, there wasn't enough kimchi in the dish.

I do like this place, and I would go back, but I think I'd stick with the two we've ordered before. I am curious about their stir fried/saucy noodles, so maybe I'll give that a try next time!

Noodle Theory

6099 Claremont Avenue, Oakland


woojust said...

yummy!! i like the beef udon in the spicy citrus soup the best!

m said...

Yeah that one is so good! I just want to stick with that one and never try the others haha.