more cupcake love

I know what you're thinking--for a person who doesn't like cupcakes, she sure eats cupcakes a lot!

I won't deny it, but I'll say this: I've yet to find a cupcake that I like better than Sprinkles.

That being said, today's cupcake is from Cupkate's, Berkeley's own cupcake truck! Following the trend of food trucks/carts that divulge their locations via Twitter, Cupkate's sells unique cupcakes and (the occasional) creme brulee.

We (me, Thomas, and Dan) got two flavors between the three of us: salted caramel and s'more. Jess Riady had raved about the s'more cupcake, and it didn't disappoint. It has a graham cracker crust on the bottom, the moistest chocolate cake in the middle, and toasted marshmallow for frosting. Now, being the frosting hater that I am, I LOVED the toasted marshmallow on top. It just adds a lovely, whimsical feel to the cupcake, added with the graham cracker bottom, it was seriously a worthy tribute to its namesake!

I'm a little disappointed in the salted caramel, I think just because the s'more was so good. It seems to use the same chocolate cake as the s'more with a light caramel frosting sprinkled with salt. It was good...just not as good as the s'more.

Also, the cupcakes (including the s'more) were quite oily. I don't know if they used more oil so that the cupcakes won't dry out in the truck, but it did leave an unpleasant residue. Is there such thing as too moist a cupcake? Let me tell you, this cupcake glistened with oil, it was that moist.

So yes, I do prefer Sprinkles, where the cake is moist without being oily, and the frosting a lovely thin layer. That being said, I also think that Cupkate's s'more cupcake is worth trying! What a wonderful and well executed concept for a cupcake!

Follow them on Twitter for where they'll be next!

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