Vegas is known for its high-end cuisine, but my family is not known for appreciating such food--I blame it on the fact that we're Asian. Since we're Asian, we HAD to get the best deal on food--so we had buffets (only 1 meal a day! My family told us to save our appetites. A little ridiculous? Just a smidge). We waited for the M buffet for over 2 hours and we waited for the Paris buffet for over 2 and a half. Just a little crazy? I think so.

The dessert selection at M's Stubio B was awesome. It didn't make up for the mediocre food, but look:

They had around ten(?) delicious gelato flavors that they made fresh there, different kinds of mousses, creme brulee, flan, all sorts of cookies, pies, and cakes...I could go on and on. They also had wedding cakes on display. We didn't get pictures of everything, but let me leave you with pictures of Jean Philippe's Patisserie in Aria (there's one in Bellagio also, with a HUGE chocolate fondue).

Aren't they gorgeous?

It solidified my preconception about Vegas--it's all looks, all glitter and glamour, but no substance. Of course they're going to do well on the desserts--it's the last thing you'll eat!

Not that I'm complaining. They may be twice as good to look at than to actually eat, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying it (though the price might...a little).

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