i can always use good chinese food

for melody and jr's birthday, the girls went to great china for dinner.

it was my first time and it was delicious!

so we ordered a small double skin. it was alright, not too fond of it. it was like glass noodles but made of mung bean and had random stuff in there like shrimp and squid. we mixed the mustard and soy sauce into it which gave it a wasabi like flavor, which i didn't mind ($12.95 not worth it). and sizzling rice soup (charged by person, they seriously know how to get our money). yumm.

of course we had peking duck. i think this was probably my favorite. i can't believe they didn't have the fat on the skin...even though i don't like it, but yeahh. duck is good :) ($29.95)

we ordered this crab thing that had an egg yolk on top and got mixed all together. i think its sauteed crab meat? to eat it, you put the crab mixture in between the 饅頭. omg i super like 饅頭 and it was best when it was warm. the crab thing itself was alright ($19.95). not my favorite. i think it had an interesting taste...

we also ordered jess' favorite chinese string beans ($8.95). i wouldn't really consider it a veggie dish but it was good. and also another really good dish cause i love tofu was braised tofu ($7.95). it was delicious!

so overall, i would definitely say you should eat here. its really good chinese food which is super hard to find up here, especially in berkeley where the closest we come is lotus house or sun hong kong. service on the other hand sucks a lot. the waitresses were rude and sucky. it is a bit pricey and they charge for rice (in socal you get rice for FREE!). but yes, if you are craving good chinese food, this is probably the place to go.

2115 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, CA94704

over and out,

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