red velvet cupcakes!

Red velvet cupcakes are yummy. I can't remember when I made this but I'm pretty sure it was Valentine's Day. Very fitting right?
So actually, I didn't have enough food coloring, but it still looks red-ish right?
I made mini cupcakes because they're so much cuter!
They looked so good...but then...
I don't why they deflated so much!! But it's okay because that's what frosting is for!
This is a cream cheese frosting, which of course is very delicious. I had a piping bag. I used a normal circle tip. I tried to do a swirl with the icing, but it looked kinda ugly, so I just kept the tip in the center and piped and it looked like that! It looked so much better!
I messed up and so I decorated it and can you guess what it is? Hahaha
Decorated with sprinkles!

I lookedt a a lot of recipes and I basically adapted from this recipe, from my baking addiction. I'm too lazy to write the recipe, so just looked here! Enjoy!

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