more s'mores madness!

I went through a s'mores craze. All I wanted to eat was s'mores and I wanted to make things with a s'mores theme. Needless to say, I'm over it and I'm satisfied.

There are always those days that you want s'mores, except you're not outdoors camping so it'll never be the same! SO what do you do?
Yeppp, we improvised. That is our indoor campfire. Actually its pretty dangerous so use with caution!
Just like any ordinary s'mores, we have our graham cracker, chocolate, and our perfectly heated and toasted marshmallow.
Mush it together and voila! You have s'mores. :] Yummm
So with leftover marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers...I had to make something else! I love love, absolutely love rice krispies. So I thought, we not make s'mores rice krispies.
Very simply, I made rice krispies as I normally would but I made a graham cracker crust by crushing the graham crackers and a little bit of melted butter. So it kinda didn't turn out as well, but still pretty good. The graham cracker didn't really stick that much to the rice krispies but it had a good balance I felt. I melted some chocolate and put it on top. I would suggest maybe drizzling the chocolate throughout the rice krispies first.
Mmm s'mores rice krispies. :]

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