deep fried oc fair

So over the summer I went to the OC fair. At a fair you expect to eat over priced deep fried twinkies, turkey legs, kettle corn, etc. Even though I expected to have some kind of deep fried food...I definitely wasn't prepared for this...


Yes, that is right. Deep fried butter. It's like heart attack on heart attack. And the ironic thing was that the place we got this from was called heart attack cafe. And you wonder why America suffers from obesity and heart problems.

Okay, us crazy folks decided to get their dessert platter since you know, if we're at a fair, we HAVE to eat deep fried foods. So I can tell you what it consisted of:

Yeah, so there was bunuelos, cinnamon chips, chocolate covered oreo, deep fried chocolate covered bacon, and deep fried butter. Oh and of course, it was topped with whipped cream.
I think that was all of it. So the thing about the deep fried butter is that it looks like churro so DON'T BE DECEIVED! My friend took the first bite and all this butter just gushed out. blehhhhh. so gross and unappetizing. I did not try this madness. But I can say that the deep fried chocolate covered bacon was pretty good except you feel like really really gross after.
We did pretty good...we just cut our lives in half. Please just kill me now. Thinking about this, just makes me feel like dying. So I don't suggest you get this...I suppose you can try one thing, but not that whole platter. Oh and if you get this, many people will look at you and take pictures of your food. Yes we are fatties.

OC Fair
88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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