french toast

In addition to the eggs en cocotte (see previous post) I also made French toast with a strawberry sauce.

I used 2 eggs and mixed in some milk, sugar, and vanilla extract to make a custard mixture. I'm not big on measuring, so I added as much as I wanted. I like the ratio to be somewhat equal, though a little milkier is fine with me as opposed to it being too egg-y. Using the same baguette (again, see previous post), I soaked slices in the custard mix until it soaked. Don't leave it in there too long, or else it'll just fall apart! I then fried the pieces (didn't have butter, so I used oil) until the outsides were set.

As for the strawberry sauce. I took off the heads and mashed the strawberries with some water and sugar and boiled it for awhile... I didn't really know what I was doing, but it came out okay. Not sweet enough, but we ended up pouring the rest into ice molds to make strawberry ice cubes!


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